WAWFM2 scholarship

Thanks to #WAWFM angel investors, 5 slots to the WAW Fiction Masterclass S01 E02 are up for grabs. All you have to do to win a slot is write a six-word story and – who fainted? *looks under table* LMAO.

But hey, no jokes. Instructions are below:

  • Write a six-word story.
  • Post it on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #WAWFM.
  • No pictures, just words. One story. Six words. (for Instagram and Facebook posts, picture posts are allowed but the picture post should be of words alone, like the example below).
  • Invite your friends and fans to like, share, repost and retweet all they can. Every like, share, repost and retweet counts as one vote.
  • One entry per person/writer.
  • The 5 coveted slots will go to five writers with the highest number of votes by deadline (midnight March 17, 2017).

Remember to mention us (@WordsAreWork on all platforms) so we can check up on you. Every submitted post gets one share (Facebook), Retweet (Twitter), and Repost (Instagram) from the WordsAreWork official account. This way, you can ‘WAW’ our community of readers into voting for you (whether they know you or not).

For example, Ernest Hemingway is determined to win one of the 5 #WAWFM paid slots. His submission can be an ordinary tweet or Facebook update, or he could go the extra mile to do a picture post like the one below:

Six words

Now he must get his friends to like, share, repost and retweet this post. If his votes rank in the top 5 by midnight on 17th March, Ernest will be attending the WAW Fiction Masterclass SO1 EO2: Plot, Setting and Description free of charge.

Doors are open for entries, starting now!

No time to stress with six-word stories or social media vote campaigns? Simply register for the upcoming fiction masterclass. With five seats guaranteed, fewer slots are available.

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  1. Jay March 8, 2017 Reply

    Oh No, I didn’t read this instuction. Yours truly have posted three 6 words story faa….. can I take two down? (twitter)

    • Chisom March 8, 2017 Reply

      Lol. Yes, John, you’ll need to take down two leaving your best story. We can only collect votes for one story per writer.

  2. Deb March 10, 2017 Reply

    Thanks WAW, did I tell you, you guys are the best?


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