Poets’ Thursday: Psalm for the Black

Poets' Thursday

Black’s Artistic

It carries hymns with it sailing the clouds of Universe

Black’s Mystic

On the floor canvas of Heaven it is painted

Black’s the Ink

For Deities to sketch life’s patterns

Black’s the Link

Between the Saints’ and the Devils’ dwellings

Black’s the Wine

Blood-red in the golden cup of Lovers

Black’s Divine

Martyrs worship His face too bright to behold

Black’s the Flower

Fragrant in Paradise to blind the goddess of Beauty and Nature

Black’s the Store

Flooded with Light, sentries are but friendly cobwebs

Black’s the Wind

He slays wandering souls lost in the cave of Vanity

Black’s the Bed

In possession of Queens from the realm of Dreams

Black’s a Song

Psalm chanted by virgin Archangels to the Stars

Black’s a Throng

Lonely sailor accompanied by silence to the grave of the Creator

Black’s the Bird

Nightingale of dawn with all melodious songs down in His throat

Black’s the Word

In the sacred book of the Supreme being, it was pinned to lead the head

Black’s the Poet

Gay to have known love He embedded, in the face

Black’s the Prophet

Married the ignorant Foreteller when time had halted to take in new passengers

Black’s Life

Singing voices springing from the core of His heart, all the same


By Fabrice


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