Alphas FC endorses street children charity


Dearest WAW fam,

Below is a message from another of our partners, the Alphas Football Club.

Nicknamed ‘The Wolves’, they are a team driven by passion and love for the game. They are young talented Nigerians whose vision is to be actively involved in developing grass root football, and use their experience as professionals to support educational causes and give back to the society. They work towards this vision, by playing in the Twitter Premier League which raises funds for charity.

Why does WAW identify with them?

Those boys play some WAW soccer! At the last TPL, they won both the Highest Goalscorer and Fairplay awards. More importantly though, their commitment to the welfare of children in the society is inspiring, in the very least, and it is in keeping with this culture that they make the announcement below:

We at Alphas Football Club proudly announce our support for The Destiny Trust Children Foundation. For the past four years, The Destiny Trust has been committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children, primarily homeless and out-of-school children in slums around Lagos. The Trust’s principal effort is in providing sustainable ways to care for, and rehabilitate the children, and in employing education as a primary tool to improve the lives of the next generation.

At the Alphas Football Club, we share the commitment of The Destiny Trust to improve lives. As a Club, we believe that football can be a force for good and we are more than delighted to promote the cause of the nature the Trust is committed to. We are committed to growth and development.

Much like The Destiny Trust, Alphas Football Club was formed by young professionals who desire to make a difference. Our main objective has been to promote grassroots football, as we transform our passion for football into something that can spur others to excellence. Currently, we play in the Twitter Premier League and this season, we are currently joint top of the league with 6 points from two matches. We believe that our partnership with The Destiny Trust will help to draw attention to its important work of securing the future of our society.

In furtherance of this partnership, we are happy to unveil our new jersey proudly displaying the brand of The Destiny Trust, a flourishing tree that represents the Trust’s commitment to nurture every child. The Destiny Trust brand reminds us that there is hope for every child to grow and live to fulfil their dreams, regardless of their present circumstance.

We invite our fans to join us as we partner with the Destiny Trust in its work of giving hope to children who would otherwise have none.


Adedotun Somoye
For the Alphas FC.

You like football, say AYE! … the ‘AYE’s have it! 🙂


For the WAW Team

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