#1Pic100Words – Meet The Judges

Judges pic

Judge #1

Soogun Omoniyi


An ardent lover of pancakes and anything readable.

When he’s not studying, check carefully;

he may be somewhere, writing or thinking on what to write.


Judge #2

Ugochinyelu C.N. Anidi


A reader, writer and reviewer of books and children stories.

She blogs at Pint-sized Bookworms, the premier (well, only really) children’s book review blog around here.

When she’s not writing, Ugo works as a lawyer/lecturer.

She lives in a perfect house with a white picket fence, a perfect husband, 2 perfect sons and 2 cute dogs with her husband, 2 sons and a library.


Judge #3

Emeka Ofoegbu


A retiring bibliophile and blue-moon writer.

His hobbies include reading books as research on how to write,

and daydreaming about actually writing.

Emeka enjoys good music and poetry. He also studies medicine.


These three non-smiling (well, Ugo can be forgiven, she’s pretty married) wordsmiths are absolutely incorruptible;

not even all the 50-litre petrol  in the world or all the tomato jollof Dollars can buy, shall bend their will.

And come 8am on Sunday June 12th, their verdicts will tally with your votes to give us the “#1Pic100Words Champ”.


Remember: To vote your favorite story among RED, NAMELESS or LESI, use the large GREEN like button and social media buttons beneath the story. Keep voting … until Saturday.


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