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We’re pleased to reveal the cover and share exclusive excerpts from the WAW #1Pic100Words Chapbook, a compilation of the 12 most remarkable entries into the #1Pic100Words flash writing contest. The chapbook is published by WAW Project Series, a provider of events, services and resources dedicated to the development of writers and readers; and it will be available for FREE download here on WAW starting Saturday, June 18th.


See cover reveal of the WAW #1Pic100Words Chapbook below:




… And so Batam grew faith.

If she crept into a room and there was music, she danced. And when she wheeled herself to the school at the street-corner, she was the one with the widest smiles.



… Third time I met her, she laughed at me in front of her friends. She said I have no legs.
Fourth day I met her, she told me I can be anything, I told her, “I can’t. I have no legs.”
Fifth time I met her, She told me I have no legs because I choose not to …



… I tried to tell you, I had that dream again. That dream where my legs were gone and I drew them back. I’ve drawn them again and I’m staring at them. Papa, my legs aren’t growing back. Is this a nightmare? I want to wake up …



… “That cripple is no threat.” It was Raymond, the shy boy in the catechism class. He ran away to join the rebels last year.
Looking at the drawing I had earlier scratched on the floor, I was glad wishes are not horses.



… “You see, fifteen years ago I used to sit outside the gates of this school, with no legs and a begging bowl. But I never doubted my walking again, never. Why?” He raised one trouser sleeve revealing a shiny metallic robotic leg. “Because I had this vision.” …



Since the accident the color of mother’s eyes changed. It used to glow a warm golden brown, but now it’s just a deep black. I wonder what it means …


We at WAW look forward to this, and to greater things.

Cheers, everyone.


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