Poets’ Thursday: Floral Patterns

Poets' Thursday

Hide me in the warmth of your tender foliage

Wrap me in the contours of your arms

Your amour.

Clothe my nakedness with

The petals of your unending love

Lose me in the waves of their maze.

Touch my soul and heal my body

Quell the storm that tore me ablaze

Heal the injuries that named me sore.


That I may spread my arms

And lick your nectar

That I may find myself lost in your white heat

Your innocent white heat and Eden-like passions.

Sprinkle your ornamental ointments

And let my spirit glow

Like twinkling stars and the rising sun.



Divulge my heart and leak my sweetness

Let this secret be shown to all.

I wear a heart that bleeds at night

When the mangroves have slept and awoken.

I live in the coitus of your bloom

In the soul of the moon.



Your sun is my muse

the new face of my music … my glee.

I lost the song that made me grow

But now yours is the music on my lyre

the vibration of my drums

And the twist in my dance.


These steps I dance … for you and

For me.


By Chiamaka Offor

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  1. Walter March 24, 2016 Reply

    Even as I read, before I got to ‘… Eden-like passions’, I already had an image of this being the narration of mankind’s ever first passions, first desire. Eve expressing her sexual decadence for Adam.

    • Chisom March 24, 2016 Reply

      Little wonder you are THE reviewer. I read and read and read ehn, still I needed your comment to finally zone in. smh for myself!

      • Walter March 25, 2016 Reply

        LMAO!!! Clearly I should be shutting up. Just see how I now coman use my mouth and bring assignment on top my head.

  2. CHIAMAKA May 22, 2016 Reply

    LOLZ @ Walter… school sweet but na assignment spoil am.

    Thanks guys.

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