Poets’ Thursday Review: Letter To That Dear Leader

Poets' Thursday

Little wonder you say you are parties;

Now we know what and how you celebrate.

I went straight to picking out those two lines, because they not only had the power of causing a small eruption of laughter from me as I read the poem, I also happen to believe that there’s an irony in them that emphasizes the mocking nature of the writer’s reprimand.

A letter to that dear leader…

Open letters never go out of fashion, because somehow, we want to believe that providence will get to deliver our words to the person(s) they are aimed at. And Akinsiwaju had a lot of bullets he was firing…as does almost every member of the Nigerian masses. We have a lot of bullets to fire. We are all part of one big giant firing squad.

The problem is the sentenced criminals are not present. They are busy having a party. Literally!

Little wonder you say you are parties;

Now we know what and how you celebrate.

It’s a very worrisome situation when the convict cares not that he has been convicted, and has enough power over the executioner to delay the carrying out of his sentence interminably.

But indefinitely or not, we will wait. Akinsiwaju himself gives that exhortation.

…We wait

The pensioners,

The workers,

The youth,

The students,

And all those from whom you have



And atrociously coveted funds…

You’ve got mail, Dear Leader. And the clock is ticking towards your execution.


By Walter Ude

Walter is an award winning Nigerian Writer, Poet and Veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word, the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter. He writes at http://www.mymindsnaps.com/

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