Poets’ Thursday: A Minute’s Silence

Poets' Thursday

Who ever gave a minute’s silence for the fallen heroes

Who ever took out time to say a silent word of prayer for the warriors

Who ever gave a token to support the injured and the veterans

Who ever sang a song extolling their bravery and loyalty


Yet we sleep at night in warm beds after warm meals and chilled beers

Yet we go to worship houses praying for frivolous intentions

Yet we splash out on obscene acquisitions and tag them blessings

Yet we dance to the tune of lyrical emptiness


If everyone had chosen to spend all day in church

If everyone had chosen to pursue wealth blindly

If everyone had chosen to sit and argue about the state of affairs

If everyone had chosen to play life safe


Maybe even the uneasy peace we enjoy would be actual chaos

Maybe the street militant would have no inhibitions

Maybe the civilian would have been non existent

Just think about it…


A minute’s silence for the heroes


Written by Etta Chibueze

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  1. Deborah March 17, 2016 Reply

    Still thinking about it.. a wonderful poem with a deep message.

    • Chisom March 17, 2016 Reply

      Really deep … it made me pause awhile and say ‘THANK YOU’ to our brave departed heroes. Lawd knows it’s easy to forget to do that in these climes

  2. Anyi March 17, 2016 Reply

    Really deep message. Funny how we spend our days on earth without appreciating important sacrifices people make that we may enjoy whatever level of comfort we have now. This poem carries a wonderful message. Thank you Chibueze. Martimor, thanks for this platform sir.

    • Chisom March 24, 2016 Reply

      The true beauty of life, they say, in the ‘little’ things, those ones we often overlook. Thank you, Anyi, for your constant patronage and support.

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