Poets’ Thursday: will i forget?

Poets' Thursday

will i forget these moments …
when i awake
with the taste of your name on my lips?
with a longing that shoots through the sky like rocket balls and back?

will i forget the songs
which your absence brought to my heart?
which your aura brought to my lips like a kiss of life?

will i be quick to forget the scars …
i wear now like the honour in an old woman’s flabby breasts?

will i forget how long i sat
in the stool of my heart and dreamed of your forms?
how many times i thought you were tall and short
or fair and dark?

will these days wash away
with my longing and firm declarations?

will i stand on my stool and kiss the wind on tiptoes?
will i say to the world “i told you so”?

will i say you loved me before your soul earned flesh and you were born?

will i spin in the wind, arms hugging the skies in sweet retrospect?

will tomorrow bring me joy
if it wore your name on its lips?
and about her neck like priceless ornaments?

will it remind me
how i wrote this song
waiting for you?
with a chain that draws my jaw to my palms, to my elbows, to my knees?
with a muse that drags these words from my mouth to my hands …

waiting for you.


By Chiamaka Offor

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  1. Walter February 11, 2016 Reply

    Will it please the court to note that this writer is not in the Valentine spirit?

  2. amazing February 11, 2016 Reply

    Duly noted counsel…..nonetheless its love story….and expertly penned

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