Not Yet Free

Flash wednesday

(Word length: 200-300 words)

Every evening, her face clouded with despair as she sat in a battered rocking chair. The hot noon sun blazed on her; she should have trembled but she did not. She was waiting for him to return, her husband. To nuzzle, cuddle and peck her like the good old days.

But Ben would not be coming, she knew that. How could he when he was buried in a raft that would scupper into the river. She had desired to be free, she had requested to leave the mansion, to feel the whirling wind and watch the scuffed shoes of people in squiggly lines at the wharf. But he would not heed her words.

Often, he would say when he was in a jolly mood: “Darling, don’t stress yourself, stay at home and I will pay you a wage.”

Later, when he was in a petulant mood, he would pound her face with his fists, and stifle her neck.

Not anymore, she had sworn.

One day, her friend, Jane had brought her a clear portion the shaman gave to her to sway his opinion. Just a drop or two in his meal, and you will be free.

That dreadful day, they were in the dining room when Ben mumbled, “I have decided to give you the freedom you seek, sorry for the hard time.” He brought the bouquet of flowers from beneath the table with his left hand and spooned the food into his mouth with his right.

Written by Ezeuchu Jovita Nwamaka

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  1. Chizzy January 13, 2016 Reply

    Sad. Domestic violence..

    How can one find true freedom from the demons of the past.

    Nicely written Jovita

  2. Yemie January 13, 2016 Reply

    This is a very compelling piece, deeply saddening, short yet loaded and filled with life lessons!
    There are no clear winners…neither the deceased nor the wife who’s heavily weighed down by guilt! Perhaps it’d have been an entirely different situation if she’d just chose to hit the highway and walked away in her quest for freedom, as opposed to killing off her abuser outrightly! Not Yet Free indeed and she never would be! A conscience weighed down by guilt is the worst kind of bondage one can be plagued with….a private hell! She just leapt from frying pan and straightways into the fire! And that fire, shalt burn her from inside out…The horror! Disheartening tale, great telling! Thanks guys! LOL

  3. amazing January 13, 2016 Reply

    Eiyah,,…that was what I felt reading this one

  4. Chisom January 21, 2016 Reply

    Chai. Too little, too late. Poor woman.
    Jovita, well done you hear? Very good one

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