‘Get out of my way Genesis,’ she ordered. ‘Or I’ll scream.’

‘I don’t believe you’d actually do that, Abbey.’

The defiance in her eyes only made his blood pound harder. He was taken by the overwhelming need to touch her, just once. Pull her to him and feel her, maybe kiss those stubborn lips of hers till they were sore and rid himself of her once and for all.

Without warning she shoved him, causing him to stumble and then she reached for the door, rushing out like someone being chased. Genesis found himself chuckling; at least he knew one thing – she was as affected by him as he was by her.

Leaning against the door, he looked down. Perhaps it was the sight of his erection that had sent her running. Arrgh. Leave it to Willy Wonker to rear his head at the oddest of times. Now the woman would think he was a perv or that he just wanted her body.

But wait? What did he want if not just her body? Why did he even want her? He had concluded that she had too much baggage which he wasn’t willing to be a part of. A dead husband lurking somewhere in her heart and home, two children who needed a father figure and a stable home. She might as well wear a sign that screamed DANGER because that’s what he thought whenever he thought of her.

If he could only just avoid her forever, he’d be fine.
As he sat back at his desk, he shifted his mind to his date with Lola that night. Maybe if he got lucky and broke her defences, Lola would be a great distraction from Abbey and her drama.
He didn’t want to think about how unfair it was to use Lola as a distraction. He needed a remedy, a solution and Lola might just be it.


He picked a movie first because he wanted to build momentum. A movie in the cinema with the cold air from the air-conditioner blasting at them would undoubtedly melt Lola’s defences even if just a little, she would need a cuddle, then a snuggle. He’d tried it many times before with those girls that tried to prove hard-to-get. A movie and if he timed it well- a romance movie with the right scenes, then he would play gentleman and ask her if she was cold. Everything usually went uphill from there.

Lola had left the planning to him so it wasn’t until he picked her up at her place that she knew that they would be going to see a movie.

‘Our agreement was dinner, mister,’ she poked his ribs. ‘How does a movie fit into that?’

‘Well…after the movie, then dinner,’ he replied.

‘You think you’re smart abi?’

‘What?’ he gave her an innocent look.

‘What if I don’t feel like seeing a movie?’

‘I’d be hurt,’ his eyes darted between her and the road.

‘Fine. See your movie and I’ll be outside waiting for you.’

‘You know you’re crazy, right?’ he laughed.

There was a disapproving look on her face when she said; ‘I am not crazy. Watch your words, sir. Remember what I said about the power of the tongue?’

‘Oh yeah…life and death is in the power of the tongue, right?’

‘Good student.’

‘But I was just kidding na. And sometimes we say stuff like that and mean it in a good way.’

‘If you mean something good, say something good. We play with stuff like that but really the devil takes words like that and runs with it, just like God runs with the good stuff we say. Words are spirits…’

‘Okay, okay teacher…let’s not turn this to a teaching session.’

‘No, I think I need to make this point since it came up. You know how when we were growing up our parents said things like ‘you’re very stupid’ or called us names like ‘olodo, ode’ and the likes? Those words took root in our hearts and minds. You think kids with low self-esteem were born with it? Nope, it came from years of being told the wrong things. So, add that to your knowledge of life issues…’

‘Wow. You can take the books away from the teacher but never the teacher away from the book, right?’ he was smiling.

‘Whatever you say sir,’ she winked.

‘Anyway, I’ll have you know my mother did a great job of raising me. I remember she hardly used the wrong words on my brother and I.’

‘Was she born again?’

Genesis winced, he hated the word. It sounded like some childish fantasy. How did one get ‘born’ again?

‘Yes, she was a good Christian.’ He replied.

She glanced at him, ‘that wasn’t my question, Gen.’

‘Yes it was.’

‘I asked if she was born again.’

‘What’s the difference?’

‘The difference is that there must have been a confession of Jesus as her Saviour. Just like you did.’

Just like he did? If only she knew he had done a fake version. He clenched his teeth, willing the road to clear so he could get to the cinema and reroute this conversation.

‘Okay. She went to church, tolerated my father and sowed seeds like someone possessed. I think that pretty much means she…confessed Jesus.’ He said.

‘You sound…weird.’

He plastered a smile on his face as he glanced at her; ‘How?’

‘The way you said it, it just sounded…off. Like you didn’t believe she was doing the right thing.’

He shrugged, ‘what did I know? I was a kid.’

‘And now?’

‘Now…’ he was tempted to say he still didn’t believe it but that would dent the image he was trying to portray of a ‘saved’ brother. ‘Now…I do.’

He could tell she wasn’t satisfied with his answer but decided not to press him about it.

‘You look beautiful, by the way.’ He was eager to redirect the conversation. This evening was supposed to be romantic not academic.

Chuckling, she said; ‘you know what I think every time I see you? I’m like…this is one dude who knows his ladies.’

Her intuition irked him.

‘Why would you say that?’

She shrugged. ‘I don’t know. I just…I guess I notice stuff easily. I see the way you check me out sometimes when you think I’m not looking.’

‘Wait, so a brother isn’t allowed to appreciate beauty when he sees it? Or is that a don’t in the kingdom of God too? You’d rather I pretend I don’t notice that you’re an attractive woman?’ he scoffed.

‘Save your sarcasm Genesis. It’s not just that. The way you throw compliments about too, gives you away…and…listen…I am not judging you. I’m just telling you what I noticed and besides you are a new creation in Christ aren’t you? The old is gone, the new has come.’

Genesis palms were moist as he gripped the steering. He didn’t need Lola to notice that he was uncomfortable. ‘You know what? Let’s just have fun tonight, Lola. Thankfully we’re here…you can pick the movie. Anything that makes you comfortable, okay?’

He noticed her backward glance at him as they alighted from the car.

The evening wasn’t turning out like he planned. At the cinema, he’d expected Lola to pick a sappy rom-com that would awaken the mushiness in her, instead she’d picked Terminator: Genisys.

Inside the theatre, she had promptly headed for the fourth row of seats and sat down. Throughout the movie she didn’t look his way and he sensed that even though she was cold, she didn’t ask to be cuddled.

The frustration ate at his guts as he watched her. He needed to do something fast before he lost his mind. Watching her eat later at the restaurant, his thoughts fluctuated between Abbey and the woman sitting before him.
Thoughts of Abbey built a sexual tension in him that he was afraid he might no longer be able to contain at some point. It scared him and at the same time he was relieved to know that whatever he felt for Abbey was nothing more than an attraction. He did not care any deeper for her.

‘Ah…excuse me Lola. I need to use the gents,’ he spoke, interrupting her.

‘Sure, Gen.’

He felt her eyes on him as he walked away. It wasn’t until he was locked securely in one of the stalls that he took out his phone and dialled a number.
He had saved the number when she called him that day but hadn’t dialled it till now.
Somehow, he desperately needed to speak with Abbey.
He listened for the dial tone.
She picked on the third ring. ‘Hello?’

To be continued…

Written by Mimi Adebayo.

Mimi Adebayo is a young lady with an incurable passion for writing. She has her eyes firmly set on the top ranks of the New York Times Bestsellers List and believes that she will make it someday by the grace of God who is her main source of inspiration. She blogs at

Words Are Work … and fun too!

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