Judges pic

#1Pic100Words – Meet The Judges

Judge #1 Soogun Omoniyi An ardent lover of pancakes and anything readable. When he’s not studying, check carefully; he may be somewhere, writing or thinking on what to write.   Judge #2 Ugochinyelu C.N. Anidi A reader, writer and reviewer of books and children stories. She blogs at Pint-sized Bookworms, the premier (well, only really) […]


#1Pic100Words – FINALS

And we’re in the finals. The finalists are: Bura-Bari Nwilo Oluwasayofunmi Juba Samuel Ogechukwu Emmanuel   This is how it works: Finalists will write a flash fiction piece inspired by or depicting this image in 100 words max. Deadline for submission is MIDNIGHT Thursday. Any finalist who has not submitted by 11:59PM on Thursday, June […]

The Flash Trinity

Round 2 results – The Flash 6: Trinity

THE FLASH6: TRINITY Round 2 Results. *** *Lights dim as we hear  Jay Z’s Takeover thrumming in the background: “Hey lil soldier, you ain’t ready for war R.O.C. too strong for y’all… Your chest in the line of fire with your thin-ass vest You bringing them boys to men, how them boys gonna win… …kidnap […]