Rainy day in June

A Rainy Day In June

It’s raining again today, like it did yesterday and the day before. Rainy days are signature of June, my birth-month and the month I finally walked away. Childhood in the Beluah temple cast some indelible marks in my life. Shadows that followed me where ever I went. The temple where father was a priest was […]

Dr Desh_196738

I still remember

  Growing up in the barracks was the best childhood experience. The communal life was second to none. The sharing of both Christmas and Sallah rice was always something to look up to; it tasted different from the Sunday ritual rice. The constant brawls between wives was mischievously a delightful sight to behold so far […]


‘Joy’ of Motherhood

“I have often wondered, how throughout history, women have continued to endure the pain of childbirth Evidently though, this is not a question to task the mind long”   It was almost a month since the delivery of her baby; it had been an especially difficult birth and she had lost a great quantity of […]