Ije enu

Ije Enu

Okwukogu was a perennially restless man. His job made him restless. He hardly had time alone to himself at the office. Despite being the boss, he felt he was not in control, and everyone was plotting against him. His car made him restless. There was not a week that passed that the damned chunk of […]


For The Love Of Us: Episode 2

“Did you hear what I said?” her soft voice came from the other end of the line. I wanted to scream with excitement for her. I wanted to yell: Oh my God! There’s a guy! and hear her giggle in agreement. But instead I said, “Yes, I heard you. You have feelings for Kelvin.” The […]

Child giving mom a hug


A SMALL GIFT “Our problems often blunt us around edges that ought to be sharp, and make us prickly as thorns in all the wrong ways. But every so often, a gesture as small as warmth in the blood once more reaches out to infuse life in a cold heart.” Christmas was here, and even […]