Winie Says…Forming

My people, it was another beautiful day, I was discussing with an acquaintance, when he mentioned that he uses fork to eat eba, because it gets messy on the hands. Just to be certain, I asked that he repeat himself, and he said it again. Messy on the hands kwa? Hian! I wasn’t quite sure […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Not Again

I hear grating roars from the east , Which keep the rising sun dim. Another righter is born! This time with severe bond. He bears the last breath of unheard heroes, He carries the forgotten pains of kwashiorkor, And brings the knowledge of ULI airstrip; Where men who cannot put out the fire they start […]


Hi hi hi 🙂 Yes I missed you more, thank you. Flavour’s ‘Golibe’ and Solid Star’s ‘Oluchi’ were on repeat on both my phone and laptop through the entire holidays. If you know wassup that should hint you on the state of my heart affairs. And you – yes, you – are a major reason […]

Goodnight, Ijeoma

“EXPLOSION rocked Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), on Wednesday, when a car loaded with bomb device exploded at a popular shopping mall close to Barnex Junction, Wuse Central District, leaving 21 people dead.” That was how the news reported Wednesday’s bomb blast. 21. /tuwenti whan/…ashirin da daya…iri abuo na otu…okan le ogun…21. Very easy…try […]