Flash wednesday


Word length: 300 – 400 We were rolling along Ahmadu Bello. I sat in the middle, between the driver and the other passenger. So I had a good view. Up ahead, two men were filling a car with petrol – a hustling black marketer and his better dressed car-owner client. The 20-litre gallon sat on […]

Flash wednesday

Not That It Matters Now

(Word length: 500-600 words) What I was calling to ask you was if you remember the civil engineer who lived behind your father’s compound, the one we ran away to go see every weekend? He had grey eyes and a deep voice. He taught us how to whistle without spewing spittle the summer we both […]

Flash wednesday

Not Yet Free

(Word length: 200-300 words) Every evening, her face clouded with despair as she sat in a battered rocking chair. The hot noon sun blazed on her; she should have trembled but she did not. She was waiting for him to return, her husband. To nuzzle, cuddle and peck her like the good old days. But […]


One song

This picture was captured from a clip I watched on Facebook a few weeks ago. It was such a profound experience watching this woman work magic with that guitar, and it inspired a story out of me. My very first Flash piece … ONE SONG “Nceda, Theresa … just one song.” She hid behind her […]