Hello WAWfuls. Its been fun following our mannest man, Genesis on this long eventful journey, but today, we are finally here.   When he knocked on Lola’s door, his wristwatch read 8:05pm but Genesis was past caring. There was a slight rustle at the window and the curtain shifted to reveal a face-presumably Lola’s. A […]

wounded soldier

The Wounded Soldier

Paul felt an arm lift his shoulder, and another beneath his feet. He knew he was slipping in and out of consciousness; as a med student, he knew the theory but had never experienced it. Until now. He tried to move, to stand up, to ask what was happening to him, but all his efforts […]

'My Sketchbook' finder: Revealed

Show yourself! My name is Ifeanyi Ifemeje, an Igbo boy from across the Niger, Imo state. I am the eldest in a family of six and spent the better part of my growing years in Benin. Arts? When? How? Why? I don’t really remember the when, but my mum says I started drawing in Primary […]