Flash wednesday

Not That It Matters Now

(Word length: 500-600 words) What I was calling to ask you was if you remember the civil engineer who lived behind your father’s compound, the one we ran away to go see every weekend? He had grey eyes and a deep voice. He taught us how to whistle without spewing spittle the summer we both […]

girl staring in fire


When I was in Primary school, I always looked forward to break time. Whenever the bell went off, Precious, Sopuru, Ogechi (bless her soul), Lola, Chioma and I would go behind the Administrative block close to the generator house to play our girl games. “Who stole the meat from the chicken pot, izit nur you […]


My Guidance Counsellor

Hi hi 🙂 To all of you who have called and texted, wanting to know why things have been very quiet around here lately, thank you very much for loving us and following so faithfully. To those who wondered quietly ;), we cherish you too for caring. The answer to your questions will soon be […]