Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Fiendship

Friends Like the tide Come and go Ne’er do they abide   Over hearts And minds They swell But do not dwell   Tarry long I pray thee But they pay no mind Looking on to the next wind   Plotting the next thrill Compasses leaning over keel Heart and hearth have they none Neither […]


For The Love of Us – Episode 9

… continued from Episode 8   “Hi.” “Isn’t it a bit late for you to be here?” He was still smiling as he let me in. “I know. I wanted to apologize for earlier today. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. It’s just that when I lay on you, I remembered …” “Oke.” I […]

Flash wednesday

Not That It Matters Now

(Word length: 500-600 words) What I was calling to ask you was if you remember the civil engineer who lived behind your father’s compound, the one we ran away to go see every weekend? He had grey eyes and a deep voice. He taught us how to whistle without spewing spittle the summer we both […]

Flash wednesday

Dear John

(Word length: 200-300 words) Dear John, I am writing to say something that I have always wanted to tell you: Thunder fire you. You promised we would always be together, fight our wars together, lose or win together. But it was only the first of your many lies. Yes, I was your side-kick, and then? […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: You, Neena

Your breath against my ears is like the flutter of many wings. Those large eyes bore into me and I am in awe. They bare tales, unvoiced ones from a distant land. Tales of experiences before now. While you tumbled in water and elements. There, breathing behind a protruded tummy. You, this symphony of harmonious […]


Once bitten …

I used to be like a city Walls all around I was my fortress Untouchable My walls High and lofty Impermeable Majestic They guarded They protected me They let people in Traders Merchants … … and Judas They let Judas in too He was all sweet Innocent The evil he bore in him He hid […]


…continued from UNFORGIVEN X She needed to convince him that she was for real. She gave him a demure smile as she let him in; he perused her body with hungry lust and didn’t say a word as he made a dive for her and began to kiss her. And for the first time ever, […]


…continued from Unforgiven IV Charles wasn’t going to stop hounding her. He was the kind of man that got what he wanted and right now he wanted her. The thought of that managed to thrill her and scare her at the same time. Although it was difficult, she decided to ignore his text and return […]