Flash wednesday

Word length: 300 – 400

We were rolling along Ahmadu Bello. I sat in the middle, between the driver and the other passenger. So I had a good view.

Up ahead, two men were filling a car with petrol – a hustling black marketer and his better dressed car-owner client. The 20-litre gallon sat on the ground with one end of a black fuel pipe stuck in it, the other end disappeared into the fuel tank.

Just as we drew nearer, the pipe slipped out, spilling ambre-colored petrol on the tarred road. Quick as a flash, the car-owner dove after it, he fumbled a bit and eventually quenched the spilling with his thumb. He slipped the pipe back in his tank and more careful this time, held it firmly in place. It was over in a second.

As we zipped by them, the pungent smell of petrol filled the air all around me. I inhaled deeply, discreetly, savouring the aroma of delicious adulterated petrol. It was a near-sexual feeling. I caught myself in time though, and rearranged my composure the best I could; hopefully no one saw.

That was when it happened.

The driver dragged his reluctant eyes away from the spilled fuel; his Adam’s apple bobbed sharply and the tip of his tongue slipped out, licked his lips and disappeared inside just as fast. He turned back to the road with THE look –

This look is better imagined than described; no words can do it justice. So imagine …

Imagine a child who always says ‘No, thanks’ the first time he is offered food outside his home; his parents taught him very well: “if they offer a second time, then you can eat.”

Imagine this child at a neighbour’s house where lunch has just been served: jollof rice, fried turkey, salad and chilled zobo.

Imagine that in this neighbour’s house, visitors are only offered food once.


By Chisom Ojukwu


Send your flash fiction pieces in a mail titled ‘Flash Wednesday’ to [email protected] Indicate the word length in the body of the mail, eg: 200-300 words, 400-500 words.

Words Are Work … and fun too!

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  1. Walter April 13, 2016 Reply

    ‘Imagine that in this neighbour’s house, visitors are only offered food once.’

    Lmao. Imagine o. Just negodu.

    • Chisom April 24, 2016 Reply

      HAHAHAHHA. Just negodu indeed!

  2. amazing April 14, 2016 Reply

    Lol…nna me I don’t still get…sir chisom perhaps u can throw more light

    • Chisom April 24, 2016 Reply

      My brother the taste of the story is in the fuel. And that is all I have to say 😉

  3. Odinenu keren-happuch April 16, 2016 Reply

    Hehe. You should see the wide smile that spread across my face as I read this piece . Since you can’t see it, imagine it

    • Chisom April 24, 2016 Reply

      Haaaaaaa … nice one. For your mind, okwa ya Keren? Iffacatch you!

  4. Yemie April 21, 2016 Reply

    Schuks! Whoever thought to think or imagine that a day would come, when petrol would arouse such a need as is pretty deep-seated as is being seen in the polity at this time; that persons would not just turn lustful and desirous by merely seeing or even sniffing the pungent smell it emits; but go on to deriving some form of kicks…a kinda high, off of it! Eew! What in the heck were you thinking abi imagining Chisom?! Like this person has a ‘thing’ for petrol??? A Really??? I’d be sooo damned! LOL

    A beautiful and hysterical piece of satirical writing for such a time as this! The lust and thirst for PMS is practically reached an all time high! Its become more than just a basic commodity….its a luxury! In thy Hands we be Baba God! Hehehe

    • Chisom April 24, 2016 Reply

      Yemz Yemz … you just dey miss, dey appear like fuel abi? Lol. The lust is at an all-time high, I tell you, if people could have children with petrol, we’d have had dozens of hydrocarbon-progeny walking the streets of Lagos today. Into thy hands oh, Baba God!

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