Flash wednesday

The Last Thing I Remember

Word length: 200-300 Blackness. Someone is frantically calling my name. A tiny light. I walk towards it. It keeps growing. I follow it. ***** I wake up on the floor. Why am I on the ground by the roadside? And why is there a crowd around me? I don’t remember lying down here. I remember […]


For The Love Of Us – Episode 11

… continued from Episode 10.  **Present day** I step out from the taxi and make my way into Jevinik. My tummy growls; what is left of my lunch break had better be enough time to fill it up. Today I did not take any files along, as I usually do, to get extra work done […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Fiendship

Friends Like the tide Come and go Ne’er do they abide   Over hearts And minds They swell But do not dwell   Tarry long I pray thee But they pay no mind Looking on to the next wind   Plotting the next thrill Compasses leaning over keel Heart and hearth have they none Neither […]

Rainy day in June

A Rainy Day In June

It’s raining again today, like it did yesterday and the day before. Rainy days are signature of June, my birth-month and the month I finally walked away. Childhood in the Beluah temple cast some indelible marks in my life. Shadows that followed me where ever I went. The temple where father was a priest was […]


WAW #1Pic100Words Chapbook – Free Download (PDF and EPUB versions)

And so we present to you, the WAW #1Pic100Words Chapbook, a compilation of the 12 most remarkable entries into the #1Pic100Words flash writing contest. The chapbook is published by WAW Project Series, a provider of events, services and resources dedicated to the development of writers and readers. Click below to download       Feel […]


For The Love of Us – Episode 9

… continued from Episode 8   “Hi.” “Isn’t it a bit late for you to be here?” He was still smiling as he let me in. “I know. I wanted to apologize for earlier today. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. It’s just that when I lay on you, I remembered …” “Oke.” I […]