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Sweet boy

See person pikin, see as e fresh…  You dry your dripping body with the towel, careful to avoid ripping it in places where time and use have stretched it thin. You try to calculate how much money you have gotten in a week. You can’t. You’re assured it is a sizable sum. You remind yourself […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: Psalm for the Black

Black’s Artistic It carries hymns with it sailing the clouds of Universe Black’s Mystic On the floor canvas of Heaven it is painted Black’s the Ink For Deities to sketch life’s patterns Black’s the Link Between the Saints’ and the Devils’ dwellings Black’s the Wine Blood-red in the golden cup of Lovers Black’s Divine Martyrs […]

Poets' Thursday

Poets’ Thursday: My First Kiss

My first kiss Anything but subtle Shaming all reason Teasing Begging for more And more   My first kiss Beyond deep Deep enough Lustful love Eyes closed Your soul I saw Your flesh I felt Hot and wet Like sugar and spice I felt your heat on my tongue Your hands traveling Searching, claiming, owning […]


1600HRS TODAY: WAW at Social Media Week Lagos 2017

WAW at Social Media Week Lagos 2017 #SMWWordsAreWork Venue: Masterclass suite (2nd floor), Landmark Events Centre, Oniru, Lagos. Time: 4pm – 5:15pm Guest speakers: NWA Fiction Writer of the Year and Okadabooks bestselling author of ‘The Fourth Finger’ 2. Winner of TNC ‘The Writer 2016’, WAW fiction editor and speculative fiction writer Suyi Davies Okungbowa […]