You've come to the right place if...

  • You're an aspiring, experienced or budding writer. A word artist (of any form) looking to share your art.
  • You're a writer or editor looking for paid opportunities.
  • You've just finished a book, and you need an editor to help you round off those stubborn edges. One who will hold your hand through the entire process of fixing up your baby.
  • You're looking to publish a magazine, chapbook or anthology. You need good writers to contribute to your publication, and editors to do what they do best.
  • You do not want to be bothered at all, and you need someone to deliver a [literary] project for you, from conceptualization to production.
  • Or, you simply do not fit into any of the above. You're just a lover of words seeking a place to belong.

Meet the Team


Chisom Martin Ojukwu is a Nigerian writer, engineer - even though COREN says he isn't just yet and sky-diver (in his dreams). He did a three-year stint as a journalist for CAMPUSLIFE and won some 'big deal' awards so most think he is a journalist. In order not to fuss up any feathers, he admits to being a freelance journalist. His articles have been published in The Nation, The Guardian and The Internet. He writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and (slot in genre). Up until March 01, 2014, he had terribly procrastinated about blogging ... and marriage. He is hoping that since he finally got around to doing one, the other might not be too far away. Chisom lives for high-powered intellectual discussions garnished with orgasmic little slices of laughter and sarcasm, in reverse order. He is passionate about teamwork and Nigeria. Mention him on Twitter @ojukwu_martin


Suyi Davies Okungbowa writes crime and speculative fiction from Lagos, Nigeria. His fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Lightspeed Magazine, Mothership Zeta, Omenana, Jungle Jim and other places. He is an alumnus of the Gotham Writers Workshop in NYC. When he’s not writing or curating at WAW, Suyi works as a Visual Designer. In-between, he plays piano, guitar, FIFA, and searches for spaces to fit new bookshelves. He lives on the web at suyidavies.com and tweets at @IAmSuyiDavies.


Okeke Chinonye Anncatherine is a lovely Nigerian art lover; proudly rep’n Anambra. She is a Biochemical writer, which B.T.W doesn’t mean what you think. She has an esoteric taste for sad and uncommon tales and wishes for nothing more than to make her readers cry. She has been published-ish (in a read-worthy book titled career paths…). She loves the camaraderie that comes with being part of a team, and longs mostly to be part of something greater than herself. Say hello on instagram @Anncatherineokeke


Febisola Adegoke is a writer (even though she hasn’t done much writing of late--something she is working on at the moment). Her stories have been published on Naijastories.com (Name: febby) and her former blog, tatayee.com. When not writing, she loves to read novels and watch TV series. She secretly desires to be the voice of an animated character. She's @Phebisola on Twitter and @olufunmade on Instagram.